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1 month on the road

I had a terrible nightmare last night.In the dream I checked the iPod (my source of date, while my source of time is the camera) and find out that it was the 1st August instead of the 1st of July.I then panicked realizing that all my concept of time was wrong, and 2/3 of my … Continue reading »

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Sailing from Panama to Cartagena

The Pan-American highway runs for 47,958 km (29,800 mi) from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina.But… is not complete. A 87 km gap exists between Panama and Colombia.87 km of rainforest, swamps, guerrillas, called the Darien Gap that was crossed for the first time only in the 1960! So, there´s no road between Panama and Colombia.  To … Continue reading »

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Panama Canal

When I first read about the Panama Canal as the biggest engineering work ever, Ithought it was an exaggeration. But once in Panama, a not-to-miss visit to the closeby Miraflores locks changed my mind big time :) The amount of work and effort required to escavate, isolate and flood the 77km lenght of the canal … Continue reading »

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Panama Salsa Congress

From a place like Panama City, where Salsa is everywhere, the expectation for the Salsa Congress – that by pure coincident was in the same weekend as I was there! – grew naturally high :) When I reached the location Fiesta Casino on Friday evening I was super-excited.But I had to ask 3 times “donde … Continue reading »

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Salsa in Panama’

OK I´m already late updating the blog, but I´ve been 5 days in the sea sailing from Panama´to Cartagena (Colombia)… I´ll write later about this great experience, but now it´s time for the first post about the Salsa. The Salsa in Panama´city. In Panama´, Salsa music is everywhere.

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First night & day in Panama’

Getting to Panama’ Here I am in Panama’ City after a 8800km flight. 3 things about the flight: First, it got a delay of 40 minutes. If I was on a business trip I wouldn’t care, but being on my free time makes a different effect :) Second, there was an Italian guy sit almost … Continue reading »

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