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Author Archives: Daniele

The trip advisor of Salsa

I’m really happy to announce a new project I worked on with some friends: SalsaTravelAdvisor! This website is helping dance lovers finding their next Salsa Congress, Bachata festival, Zouk, Tango and Kozomba event. With so many events around the World, it’s more and more difficult to decide which one to attend…  so one day my … Continue reading »

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Getting a job in Colombia

While I had no intention to work during my Walk About, I hear more and more travelers that are having a different type of approach. I see 2 categories of people. The first category includes the Digital Nomads, people that like me are working either for them self or for someone with internet-based activities.Wherever they go, … Continue reading »

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Talking with Jose’ Lebron – The Lebron Brothers

I discovered the Lebron Brothers listening this playlist from SalsaCanal, a guy that has hundreds of classic Salsa songs on his Youtube channel. It was 3 years ago when my friend Paul and me spent days listening the hit “Dies Lagrimas“. Since then, The Lebron Brothers is one of my favorite band.With their unique style, their sad … Continue reading »

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Feeling unsafe in Colombia?

Now that I’m back to the amusement park called Netherlands, when I tell people I’ve spent almost 3 months in Colombia the first questions I get are about safety. Did you feel unsafe?How dangerous really is?Did you have scary moments?  First of all, I consider myself fortunate as I didn’t had any real bad experience, excluding … Continue reading »

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3 months on the road

I’m writing this post from my bedroom in Amsterdam. Yep, my trip is over – finito - 3 months are passed and as I promised to my manager I’m back to work :) Coming home is still part of any trip, but I’m avoiding to think how I feel now (terrible!!) and concentrate in summarizing what happened last month of … Continue reading »

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Bring a jacket to Bogota’

The bus ride from Salento was an endless succession of turns, downs and ups to the 2600 meters of Bogota’. I’m glad I did it during the day: I couldn’t have sleep anyway, and the scenery as well as the on-board movies were good. Allright, straight to the point: Bogota’ is the city that impressed … Continue reading »

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My 32nd Birthday at La Barra, Colombia

This is a video from my 31st birthday:   Thanks to Veronica, Jennifer, Moranni, Tatiana, Linde and Renske I had a super-surprise b-day dance performed at Club Roses in Amsterdam.I paid more than 200 EUR for pizza and drinks with my friends. And those are the pictures from my 32nd birthday, celebrated in Barra, a … Continue reading »

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Couchsurfing in Colombia

Couchsurfing in Colombia is huge! If you still don’t know, go check it right now.It’s a community of people for hospitality exchange: hosts and guests meet each other on the website, check their respective profiles, and if they like it, bingo, one has the accomodation for free with a local person, the other has a … Continue reading »

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Visiting Salento, in the Zona Cafetera of Colombia

After a weekend of parties, a visit in a nice village is a very nice cure: it gives at least the illusion of some relax and early nights… Salento is a little town in the Eje Cafetero, the area of Colombia producing the biggest (legal) export of the country: good coffee beans. There you’ll find … Continue reading »

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2 months on the road

At the end of the first month of traveling I had a nightmare: it was the 1st of August instead of the first of July and I was panicking. As always happens, the future is never as we imagine and the 1st of August I was more relaxed then ever. The fact that 2/3 of my … Continue reading »

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